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Unlock Your Potential:
Somatic Breathwork for Entrepreneurial Masterminds

Somatic Breathwork can be a powerful practice for masterminds, providing your group with a range of benefits for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Somatic Breathwork is a practice that combines conscious breathing techniques with body awareness to facilitate deep healing, self-discovery, and personal transformation. It involves utilizing specific breathing patterns and exercises to access the body's innate wisdom and release stored tension, emotions, and limiting beliefs.

In the context of executive and mastermind groups, Somatic Breathwork can provide several benefits:

  1. Heightened self-awareness: Somatic Breathwork invites participants to cultivate a deeper connection with their body and inner experiences. By focusing attention on the breath and bodily sensations, individuals can gain insights into their physical, emotional, and mental states. This heightened self-awareness allows participants to explore and understand themselves more fully, facilitating personal growth and development.

  2. Release of limitations: Somatic Breathwork can help individuals release unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, and emotional blocks that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential. By engaging in intentional breathing practices and body-centered awareness, participants can access and release deeply rooted tensions and traumas, creating space for new possibilities and personal breakthroughs.

  3. Enhanced creativity and intuition: Somatic Breathwork activates the body's natural intelligence, which extends beyond logical thinking. By quieting the mind and tapping into the wisdom of the body, participants can access their innate creativity and intuition. This can be especially valuable in mastermind settings, where innovative thinking, problem-solving, and strategic decision-making are essential.

  4. Deepened connection and empathy: Somatic Breathwork fosters a sense of connection and empathy among mastermind participants. As individuals engage in the practice together, they create a shared experience and a safe space for vulnerability and authenticity. This deepened connection can enhance collaboration, trust, and understanding within the mastermind group, leading to more meaningful discussions and valuable insights.

  5. Stress reduction and resilience: Being an entrepreneur often involves an increased amount of stress and pressure that the average person does not experience. Somatic Breathwork offers powerful tools for stress reduction, relaxation, and building resilience. By activating the body's relaxation response and promoting a sense of calm, participants can approach challenges with clarity, focus, and a greater capacity to navigate adversity.

Somatic Breathwork can deepen the participants' connection with themselves and each other, providing a fertile ground for personal growth, breakthroughs, and mutual support.

This is a powerful and transformational experience your group will never forget!

what to expect


We will first dive into what Somatic Breathwork is, how stress and tension can get stored in the body, and explain the benefits of breathwork. 

We will then teach the breathing technique and explain what to expect.


Participants will be lying down on a yoga mat with their eyes closed the entire time and will be guided through 60 minutes of specific breathing patterns and exercises to access the body's innate wisdom and release stored tension, emotions, and limiting beliefs.


A brief closing share circle for those who want to process and share their experience.


This is where the magic happens! Deep connection and bonding takes place amongst the participants.

what is somatic breathwork?

Embark on a journey inward to release the built-up tension, stress, and emotions that weigh us down in our daily lives.


With Somatic Breathwork we use our breath to delve deep into our bodies and nervous system, clearing out unconscious barriers and unresolved emotions.

Somatic Breathwork offers a transformative journey into the realm of embodiment, shifting your focus away from the constant chatter of your thinking mind and into the intricate web of your body's electrical network. By engaging in this practice, you can liberate yourself from the burdensome energy accumulated through repetitive thoughts, emotions, and outdated narratives, allowing it to dissipate through the physical vessel of your being.


However, unresolved trauma and chronic stress can disrupt this network, leading to imbalances and challenges in both personal and professional domains. By addressing and healing these deep-seated wounds, you restore harmony to the electrical network of your nervous system, fostering the emergence of your highest potential and authentic self.


  • How long is a session? This is a 60 minute active breathing exercise, allot 2 hours for the full experience!

  • Is this similar to meditation? I like to call it meditation on steroids! It bypasses your thinking mind and dives deep into our bodies and nervous system, clearing out unconscious barriers and unresolved emotions.

  • This sounds intense... how will my guests respond? Everyone is in full control of their experience and can go as deep as they would like to go or slow things down if it feels overwhelming. The only factor at play is the breathe. Somatic Breathwork is considered a beginner friendly practice!

  • What do I wear? Come dressed in breathable, loose clothing.

  • What do I bring? Water bottle and yoga mat (blanket and eye mask is optional). 

  • Who can participate? If you are pregnant, a history of siezures, or have heart conditions, please sit this one out! Bring your inhaler (if applicable) and always consult your doctor if desired.  Please see additional contradictions below. 

  • What is the cost? Rates start at $1,500. Please reach out to Casey for more information.

  • Do you travel? Yes! I am based out of Arizona but an available to travel. Flight and stay is an additional charge. 

  • What else? Avoid food 2 hours prior to the session as it can be uncomfortable on the stomach.​ It's best to schedule this session before meal time. 



meet casey

Casey is a Somatic Breathwork™ Practitioner, Event Facilitator, and Conscious Entrepreneur. 


Casey has supported and worked alongside entrepreneurs and executives her entire life. She knows first hand the impact anxiety, stress, and overwhelm has on humanity.


After immersing herself in the wellness space, she noted there was a missing piece to her own internal healing  which resided on a physiological (somatic) level. This is when she explored Somatic Breathwork.


She now guides people through transformational Somatic Breathwork practices, helping to promote self-awareness, emotional integration, stress/anxiety reduction, and overall wellbeing.

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