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new breathwork practitioners  

This DEEP DIVE SESSION was intentionally and thoughtfully created to offer new breathwork practitioners:

▫️clarity on their vision & a sense of direction

▫️immediate and tangible messaging and marketing strategies 

​▫️an opportunity to "pick my brain" and get all your questions answered


This DEEP DIVE is for the practitioner who has a 100 questions and simply needs answers to get started- this will set you on the right path, fast!


This is a "pick my brain" call on steroids!

the deets!

  • Location: Zoom

  • (1) 45 minute discovery call 

  • 2 hour deep dive strategy and consulting session

  • (1) 30 minute post-session check in

  • ✨ Leave feeling clear, confident, and with tangible tools to immediately implement in your new wellness business! ✨​

  • Investment: $999 * (all Soma+IQ Breathwork Practitioners will receive a bonus half hour of support added to their post-session check-in!) ​

CLICK HERE to reserve your deep dive strategy session!

The call you schedule is for your initial 45 discovery call, we will then schedule your 2 hour deep dive together! 


I remember the moment I realized I was DONE PLAYING SMALL!

I was just let go from my second job within 12 months (!) and as I was updating my resume, I couldn't even fathom listing my skillsets as project management and operations because it no longer felt authentic to who I was.

I kid you not, something inside me REFUSED to update the resume because I finally knew in my ENTIRE BEING that I was meant for more.

I always knew deep down I was meant for BIG BIG things but I never wanted to admit it because I was so fearful of failure and had so many limiting beliefs that were unconsciously dictating all my decisions for me, keeping me small and safe.

I kept telling myself stories like, “I’m not the creative, I’m just the assistant to the creatives.” “I’m not the dreamer, I just build other people’s dreams”, and “I just like to share content online, for fun, nothing more!”

Deep down my inner knowing and my heart was screaming at me to do something more with my life because I could help so many people.

When I was let go from my last job, I was left with something more than I could have ever asked for.


My whole entire being was finally aligned with this knowing.

All the mindset and embodiment work that I had been studying, learning, and implementing leading up to the transition led me to finally seeing my worth.

I had clarity, I knew I skilled AF, and I knew I could charge 4x what I was making hourly...

I KNEW IT and most importantly, I felt it in EVERY ONE OF MY CELLS!

So instead of updating my resume, I went all in on myself.

That was the moment I took a chance and got certified in Somatic Breathwork- this modality had been a profound practice in my life and I was curious if I'd enjoy facilitating it! I went into the training with a curious heart and ended up LOVING the facilitation aspect of this work.

When I launched my breathwork practice I was finally able to use ALL of the skillset I had acquired over the years from content creation, community building, business development, coaching, and more!

​I got my breathwork practiced dialed in within a few short months and knew right away I was going to help new wellness entrepreners get clear on their vision and embody the confidence they need to live out their dreams and bypass all the years of ignoring their calling because they don’t feel good enough!

what we'll cover

Example Outline- subject to change based on your desires, goals, and what stage of the business you're currently in.

  • 45 Minute Discovery Call

    • CLARITY: take honest inventory about where you're currently at, where you want to go, and whats holding you back and WHERE YOU NEED SUPPORT!

  • 2 Hour Deep Dive Strategy Call 

    • Based on our previous call, I will come prepared to discuss strategies and answer your questions on messaging, marketing, event creation, social media, facilitation, speaker development, program design, business 101, pricing, etc

  • 30 Minute Post Session Check In

    • This can be scheduled within 1 month of our deep dive call and the intention is to answer any lingering questions that are coming up for you! 

  • Investment: $999 (all certified Soma+IQ Breathwork Practitioners will receive a bonus half hour of support added to their post-session check-in!) ​


▫️DREAM big about the type of impact and income you want to create
▫️Identify your ideal client, your unique story, and what type of offering you want to create.

▫️Business 101: scheduling software, expense tracking, offer creation 

▫️Social Media: confidence on camera, content strategy, set up infrastructure 

▫️Basic one-sheet and website creation.

▫️Studios/Venues: Aligned connections and studio collaborations

▫️Your Secret Sauce- Extracting Your Uniqueness!

▫️Price and promote your offerings

▫️Social media strategies to build a loyal and loving community

▫️Launch your first event(s)

▫️Embody the mindset of an entrepreneur and visionary to carry you through your future endeavors!


▫️Identify unproductive patterns and limiting beliefs
▫️Create and rewire in a new beliefs, confidence, worthiness, abundance
▫️Own your title as a coach and entrepreneur
▫️Somatically release what’s no longer serving you
▫️Create your vision for your life and for yourself as a coach/practitioner
▫️Create lifelong habits that will set you up for success after our time together
▫️Get to the root of imposter syndrome for you specifically and overcome it using potent mindset and embodiment techniques​

▫️Speaking & Facilitation Development- learn to connect and engage your audience in-person and online
▫️Step into your truest, most authentic self and freely express yourself creatively, professionally, personally
​▫️Opportunities to facilitate alongside me within my community!

▫️Business set up 101: Calendly, website, bank account, etc.
▫️Set financial and non-financial goals
▫️Weekly and monthly strategies to meet your goals
▫️Strategies for business development, community outreach, and connection
▫️Create your first offering(s): program development, event and workshop creation, if applicable
​▫️Content that connects: social media development & strategies that are authentic TO YOU!

▫️Someone to celebrate your wins with!
▫️Someone who understands your obstacles
▫️REAL TIME consulting and feedback
​▫️……AND MORE!!!!

my gifts

CREATIVITY! I am always at the forefront and pioneering new ideas. When too many people are catching on to a trend, its time make big changes, keeping things fresh, new, and better! You either set the tone or have it set for you and with me: WE SET THE TONE, ALWAYS!

EXPERTISE! I have 12 years of experience in marketing, content creation, community development, health and wellness, consumer behavior, event planning, program design, facilitation, public speaking, and more!

SHORTCUTS! I observe everything from a birdseye view and immediately know what can be enhanced, where we can be more mindful of time, energy, and resources. Why work more when you can work less and achieve greater results?!

YOUR GREATNESS! I have the innate ability to support and help create success and greatness for others. I can easily see and magnify your gifts. I WANT YOU TO WIN & WILL HELP YOU GET THERE!

TOGETHERNESS! You will feel DEEPLY seen in my presence. I will always remind you of your greatest and what you bring to the world!​​


client love


ready to get started?!

If you know deep down that there is more to life, like you’re playing small, and you want to unlock your full potential with a loving mentor who will help you get there- I would love to connect!


This DEEP DIVE is for the person who has a 100 questions and simply needs answers to get started! This will set you on the right path, fast! This is a "pick my brain" call on steroids!

I can’t wait to meet you & see how I can help!



  • Have questions? Click here to schedule a connection call to ensure this is a great fit for both us!

  • Full body yes?! CLICK HERE to reserve your deep dive strategy session! The call you schedule is for your initial discovery call, we will then schedule your 2 hour deep dive together!

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