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turkish towel / shawl

$44 + $5 shipping (shipping automatically added at checkout!)

BREATHE. HEAL. TRANSFORM. with these beautiful, 100% cotton Peshtemal Turkish towels/shawls! As someone who is always cold, I was inspired to create these turkish towels/shawls to have with me at all times- You never know when you might need to wrap yourself up in some extra love!


The peshtemal towels are sand repellent, lightweight and fast dry- my favorite way to enjoy them is at the beach, as a shawl, on the airplane, around the camp-fire, and at breathwork sessions/sound baths. 

Machine wash on delicate with cold water and like colors.


  • SIZE: 5ft x 3ft

  • White, soft, textured, classic

  • Inspired by my mini, white golden doodle- Frank!


  • SIZE: HUGE! 6ft x 4ft

  • Grey, soft, patterned, lightweight 

  • Inspired by my not-so-mini tri color aussiedoodle,- Bode!


Ships next day (allow for 7-10 business days for delivery)

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